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What is the working principle of medical waste shredder?

Siedon Double Shaft Medical Waste Shredder introduces German double shaft shearing crushing technology. The waste shredder adopts counter-rotating knife roller, hexagonal knife shaft, alloy steel knife plate, superimposed and tight structure with knife plate, sturdy knife box structure, replaceable knife plate and blade, and impact buffer device. The double-shaft shredding machine is controlled by PLC and has the functions of preventing clogging and overloading. It is suitable for the crushing of various materials under various harsh working conditions.

medical waste shredder

Working Principle of Medical Waste Shredder:

The transmission process is: the motor drives the spindle through the tearing chamber through the pulley, so that the knives rotate together with the turret body integrated with the main shaft. The waste entering the tearing chamber is broken by the shearing action of the rotating knife and the fixed knife, and then sieved through the screen and dropped into the tank (or the skip).

medical waste shredding

Widely used in various industries and applications:

  1. Fermentation biogas renewable energy;
  2. Solid waste landfill reduction;
  3. The waste heat power generation of the supporting power plant of the cement plant;
  4. Power generation by waste heat from the supporting power plant of the paper mill;
  5. Waste incineration for power generation;
  6. Disposal of industrial waste and special waste;
  7. Waste recycling system;
  8. Industrial incineration boilers;
  9. Disposal of municipal solid waste;
  10. Destruction and volume reduction of expired products, confidential documents, and illegal products;
  11. Waste home appliance recycling project.
  12. Medical waste recycling system.