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Tips for Shredder Machine Maintenance

kitchen waste crusher

In order to ensure that the crusher equipment is in good condition and can be put into operation at any time, reduce downtime, increase the service life of the shredder machine, reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the shredder, and ensure safe production, it is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance of the crusher. To achieve the system management of regular maintenance.

Precautions for safe operation of the shredder machine:

1. Before starting the machine, first check whether the cutter box of the shredder is free of foreign debris, and whether the cutter, spacer, and fixed knife are damaged, and then start the machine after ensuring that there is no abnormality.

  1. Check whether the control switches of the electric control box are in the open state, and ensure that the electric control box can be turned on without any potential safety hazards.
  2. When conveying materials, the materials should be loaded as evenly as possible, so as to avoid frequent damage to the electrical components and motors due to overload protection, and secondly to affect the output. The tool is broken during operation.
  3. If there is excessive vibration or abnormal noise in the production process, stop the machine to check whether there are sundries falling into the tool box and break, causing damage and deformation of the tool and spacer, and gradually check the good condition of the reducer and motor.
  4. When checking, repairing and maintaining the crusher, the power supply must be cut off and a warning sign should be attached.
  5. The shredder can be inspected, maintained and maintained only after the shredder is completely stopped.
  6. During the operation of the shredder, it is not allowed to manually clean the inside of the cutter box, the electric control box and the body, replace the parts or carry out maintenance.

Shredder machine maintenance matters:

  1. Before leaving get off work, the unbroken residual material in the knife box should be crushed before shutting down, so as to ensure that the knife box of the crusher can be started without residual material when it is turned on at work.
  2. Turn off the power switch, clean the fallen materials around the shredder, and check whether there are loose screws in the connection between the motor and the reducer.
  3. Regularly check the supplement and replacement of the lubricating oil of the reducer. There is a circular oil level mirror outside the reducer body, which can be checked here. Generally, the lubricating oil of the reducer can cover half of the oil level mirror. 2/1 half of the oil level mirror is refueled.
  4. When the reducer works for 400 hours for the first time, the lubricating oil must be replaced. In the next six months, check whether the lubricating oil is replaced, and whether the adhesion of the lubricating oil is replaced according to the operating conditions of the use site.
  5. Regularly refuel the bearing parts. The bearing parts are easily damaged parts. Due to the relatively large wear and tear in use, they must be maintained frequently. Frequent refueling can increase the service life of the bearings. Lubricating grease must be added before the crusher is turned on.