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Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System


Municipal solid waste (MSW) is defined as waste collected by the municipality or disposed of at the municipal waste disposal site and includes residential, industrial, institutional, commercial, municipal, and construction and demolition waste. Separating out materials from the solid waste that can be reclaimed and recycled can increase the productivity of landfill and generate revenue as a means to decrease the processing and disposal cost of the solid waste management.



Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System

RDF Preparation Pretreatment

The pretreatment process involves separation and size reduction. Separate the recyclables, combustibles, organics, through the sorting system. There are only three final products of this pretreatment line: high-quality alternative fuels (RDF/SRF) with a particle size of 98% less than 60mm, alternative raw materials based on inorganic substances, and recyclable iron. The entire processing process does not require manual intervention, and the material compatibility is good, and there is no fear of large garbage, spring mattresses and other foreign objects. Shredder and sorting machines as a core equipment have the stable working performance, which guarantee the low cost of RDF preparation. 

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