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Medical Waste Shredder For Veolia

Medical waste is a hazardous waste with direct or indirect infectivity, toxicity and other hazards, which pollutes the environment, spreads diseases, threatens health, and is very harmful. It is listed as the No. 1 hazardous waste in my country. With the vigorous advancement of my country’s medical industry, the amount of medical waste has also continued to increase significantly.

According to statistics: In 2013, the output of medical waste in my country was about 1.832 million tons, and by 2017, the annual output of domestic medical waste was 2.288 million tons.

At present, the mainstream medical waste disposal methods in China are: high-temperature cooking and disinfection (high-temperature cooking and disinfection – crushing and destroying – landfill). The particle size of the material after crushing should not be greater than 5 cm. If the primary crushing cannot meet the requirements, the secondary shredder should be set up. The Siedon medical waste shredder is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with this national regulation for the medical waste shredding system.

medical waste shredder
medical waste shredder

In terms of medical waste disposal, French Veolia adopts a high-temperature cooking and disinfection process. French Veolia Environment Group is a large-scale group focusing on environmental services. Siedon designed and produced a medical waste shredding system for Veolia in accordance with national standards.

The medical waste shredder has been running stably since it was put into production. Usually, it only needs to add butter regularly for maintenance. The tool needs to be repaired once every 8 months of continuous use. The repaired tool can still be used continuously for about 8 months. Through this service of tool repair, After-sales maintenance costs are reduced by more than 60%.

Siedon has cooperated with well-known enterprises such as French Veolia, TusSound, and China Energy Conservation in the medical waste treatment industry, and has been unanimously recognized by the cooperative units.

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