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Medical Waste Crushing Machine

medical waste crushing

What is Medical Waste?

Medical waste is also medical waste, which is mainly divided into medical drugs and medical instruments. Medical drugs generally include patient gauze, expired drugs, animal carcasses, infusion bottles, human infusion needles, infusion tubes, etc. Medical instruments include toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive waste chemicals, such as waste chemical reagents, chemical disinfectants, mercury sphygmomanometers, mercury thermometers, thermometers, glass test tubes, etc. It is a kind of garbage containing a large number of pathogenic bacteria and toxic substances.

How to Manage Medical Waste?

The unified collection, transportation and treatment of medical waste can solve many scattered treatment facilities, reduce pollution sources, save energy, prevent medical waste from mixing with domestic waste, and reduce the harm to human body. General medical waste disposal methods include disinfection and destruction reduction treatment, on-site incinerator, and centralized sanitary landfill. Sanitary landfill is the final disposal method of medical waste. Its principle is to bury the waste underground and decompose it into harmless substances through the long-term decomposition of microorganisms.

Fuction of Medical Waste Crushing Machine

According to the research of scientific researchers, whether it is disinfection and destruction reduction treatment, on-site incinerator, or centralized landfill, it needs to be crushed first, and then the next procedure is carried out, which is prone to physical changes and improves the treatment efficiency. The medical waste crushing machine is driven by a motor with double knife rollers. The blade belongs to a shearing cutter, which can directly crush the medical waste to the minimum size, so as to promote the effective decomposition of the medical waste, which is prone to physical changes.Whether it is landfill or incineration, it can quickly become harmless substances after crushing.

medical waste crushing machine
medical waste crushing machine
medical waste shredding
medical waste

Advantages of Medical Waste Crushing Machine:

1, professional stainless steel hopper, more environmentally friendly and clean;
2, that crus efficiency is high due to a thick and sharp moving knife;
3. The size of crushing discharge is optional: 10-50mm;
4, the moving knife and the fixed knife are made of alloy steel casting, solid, long service life;
5. Number of fixed knives: 10-60
6, the whole PLC control, easy to operate,
7. The steel plate of the iron frame of the crusher is thick, which can resist high torque and is very strong;
8, easy operation, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, economy and durability
9. It can be used with a climbing machine, and the number of blade teeth is selected by the user.
10. When encountering a hard object, the cutter shaft is set to reverse automatically to prevent the motor from being overloaded.

Video of Medical Waste Mini Crushing Machine: