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Medical waste crushing equipment

Medical waste shredders are mechanical equipment used to process medical waste. The medical waste treatment market will accelerate further, and medical waste crushing equipment will accelerate development. At present, the commonly used medical waste treatment methods are as follows: sanitary landfill method, high temperature incineration method, high pressure steam sterilization method, pyrolysis method, chemical disinfection method, microwave disinfection treatment method. No matter which treatment technology is used, shredding and pretreatment of medical waste is an indispensable link.

How to deal with medical protective clothing?

Disposable medical protective clothing is a second-class medical device, which is used to protect staff and people entering specific medical and health areas from bacterial viruses, harmful ultrafine dust, acid-base solutions, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean . Because germs may be contaminated after wearing, it is easy to cause infection. Like other medical waste, protective clothing is commonly disposed of by incineration.

Because the amount of medical waste received by the medical waste disposal center is large and bulky, it is generally necessary to add pre-crushing equipment before incineration and other harmless treatment. The advantage of this is that the waste can be broken up and broken into small pieces for subsequent treatment. Can improve speed and efficiency. Generally, the entire processing flow is as follows:

Collection and transportation=>storage=>crushing=>incineration, high temperature steam extinguishing and other operations

medical waste crushing machine
medical waste shredding project

Recently, we have also received many inquiries about medical waste crushing equipment such as protective clothing/masks. We recommend using a twin-shaft shear shredder/shredder to shred medical waste such as protective clothing, masks, etc.

Medical waste includes polluting waste produced by hospitals, such as used cotton balls, gauze, tape, waste water, disposable medical equipment, postoperative waste, expired medicines, disposable masks, protective clothing, protective clothing, etc. eyepiece and more.

The methods of medical waste disposal include: medical waste incineration, medical waste microwave treatment, high-temperature cooking of medical waste, high-temperature pyrolysis of medical waste, centralized disposal of medical waste, medical waste treatment system equipment generally includes: medical waste shredder, medical waste disinfection and sterilization equipment garbage Incinerator Sewage Treatment Equipment Medical Waste Ozone Treatment Machine Medical Waste Microwave Disinfection Equipment Steam Sterilization Furnace Bacterial method, pyrolysis method, plasma method, etc. In these processing applications, the crushing link is indispensable and a very critical step.

We have rich experience in medical waste treatment. The medical waste crushing machine can effectively process all kinds of medical waste. The particle size of the crushed material is uniform, 95%≤50mm, to achieve the purpose of crushing and destroying and improving the incineration efficiency. The medical waste crusher has Good sealing and corrosion resistance. The knives are made of German alloy materials to ensure good wear resistance and high impact strength, which can meet the crushing requirements of high mixing degree of medical waste, and can crush stainless steel instruments, prosthetics and other metal products. The medical waste shredder adopts a reasonable arrangement of knives and a screen structure with a high passing rate to ensure that the shredder will not be blocked.