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Kitchen Waste Shredding System


Kitchen waste generally refers to raw materials and finished products (cooked food) or leftovers used in the family’s daily diet. The kitchen waste treatment system can process kitchen waste, organic waste, fruit and vegetable waste, etc. The effective treatment method of kitchen waste is a comprehensive treatment method based on fermentation of biogas and biodiesel extraction, which has economic benefits and prevents environmental pollution.

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Kitchen Waste Shredding System

Crushing and Dewatering System

Siedon provides a kitchen waste pretreatment system, which can be applied to the solid-liquid separation treatment of kitchen waste of 5-15t/h. The disc screen is used to remove most of the plastic impurities, and the solid impurities and liquid phase are obtained after sieving and dewatering. The liquid phase is equipped with a three-phase separator or directly enters the sewage treatment system, and the solid phase enters the aerobic fermentation system. This system includes: screw feeding, shredder machine, conveying, dewatering machine, screw discharging, and fermentation, composting, and pyrolysis are optional for back-end processing. It reduce the volume by 95% and produce organic fertilizer.

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