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Industrial Hazardous Waste Shredding System


Hazardous waste refers to waste that is corrosive, toxic, flammable, infectious, reactive, etc., which has harmful effects on human health or the environment. Common hazardous wastes include paint buckets, bulk containers (IBC tanks), chemical woven bags, batteries, medical waste, etc.

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Industrial Hazardous Waste Shredding System

Tower-Type Shredding System

Siedon’s hazardous waste crusher system integrates lifting, storage bins, safety protection systems, crushing systems, fire protection systems, intelligent control systems, and service maintenance systems. Nitrogen or carbon dioxide is used for fire protection during the crushing process to maintain high-efficiency operation. It Features:

  • Driven by an imported hydraulic system, and the bearings are four-fold sealed;
  • Constant power control, automatically reduce the speed and increase the torque;
  • Automatic overload protection to ensure that key components are not damaged;
  • Automatic fire fighting system to ensure the safe operation of the system.

Project Cases