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How to maintain the hydraulic system of waste crusher?

During the use of waste crusher, maintenance operations are very important, which can greatly extend the service life of the waste crusher and ensure their working efficiency; the key one is the maintenance of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system has 3 basic ” Disease-causing” factors: pollution, overheating, and ingress of air. Practice has proved that 75% of hydraulic system failures are caused by these three. So how to keep the hydraulic system away from these three “pathogenic” factors and keep it healthy? The secret lies in scientific and effective maintenance operations.

hydraulic system
  1. Regularly replace the filter element

    When the hydraulic system of waste crusher is working, the oil tank will exchange air with the outside atmosphere, and the friction between the moving parts in the system will produce small particles of solid pollutants. Therefore, when the hydraulic system is running, the filter is always working; once the dirt holding capacity of the filter element reaches a certain level and we do not replace it in time, these dangerous pollutants will have destructive power and make your hydraulic system “sick” “.
  2. Regularly check whether the heat exchange unit is working properly

    The hydraulic system runs like a “long-distance runner”. If there is a problem with its heat exchange system, it cannot “sweate” to lose heat and maintain temperature balance, then its “running” must stop. Regardless of whether the heat exchange unit is water-cooled or air-cooled, a clean and matched heat exchange medium must be used, otherwise the heat exchange unit itself cannot work stably for a long time. Of course, the hydraulic system it serves has to stop and calm down.
  3. Regular exhaust

    Many people seriously underestimate the dangers of air in hydraulic systems. If the proportion of air in the oil is too high, “cavitation” and “cavitation” will occur when passing through the hydraulic pump, which will damage the hydraulic pump and generate metal particles. A large number of metal particles are catastrophic to the hydraulic system. May directly make the hydraulic system “end of life”.

    For the exhaust of the hydraulic system of waste crusher, you may not know how to operate it. The air dissolved in the oil in the oil tank can be heated to 60°C and left to stand overnight; during this process, you will find that a large number of air bubbles slowly emerge from the liquid surface and dissipate away. The pressure measuring joint at the high point of the hydraulic system can also be used as an exhaust point, but such operations must be performed by professionals.
  4. Regular pipe tightening and surface cleaning

    This kind of maintenance operation is actually common to mechanical parts, which is beneficial to prevent oil leakage and early detection of problems.