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How Much Can I Earn By Buying A Crusher Machineļ¼Ÿ

Depending on the size, configuration and overall scope of the crushing system, Siedon’s waste crusher machine prices can range from a few thousand dollars to as much as $1 million.

However, when evaluating the price of a crusher machine, not only the initial purchase price of the crusher should be considered, but also the cost of the equipment throughout its life cycle, including maintenance costs, replacement costs of wearing parts, power consumption costs, and use of life, etc.

When evaluating relative prices, you also need to consider the payback period of the crusher you purchased, not the cheaper the better. In the market, you can always find a machine with a cheaper initial purchase price. However, if the crusher you bought is often down, either it needs to be repaired or the material is blocked and you have to stop the entire production line, at this time your machine does not produce any benefits and you have to continue to pay rent and worker wages. If you find a bargain, or successfully lower the price, it is not necessarily that you found a bargain. It is likely that you are being used as an experimental object by an inexperienced supplier, and you may have to pay more operating costs later.

Therefore, in order to achieve the best return on investment throughout the life cycle of the crusher, you need to consider many factors. If we use a simple formula to illustrate, it is:
Cost of crushed material per ton = (initial purchase cost + purchase cost of consumable parts in the life cycle + purchase cost of accidental damaged parts + plus operator wages + loss due to downtime) / total tons of material crushed by the crusher.

And how much money can you make by buying this crusher machine? The same can be calculated:
The money the crusher makes for you = (revenue per ton of crushed material – cost of crushed per ton of material) x total tons of material crushed by the crusher.

In addition to the cost factor, there is a more important consideration, that is, whether the waste crusher machine is suitable. An experienced crusher supplier will consider the shape of your raw materials, including material characteristics, dry humidity, size, thickness, material component ratio, as well as particle size requirements after crushing, particle size uniformity requirements, and the processing of the next process after crushing. Process, etc., recommend suitable crusher structure and supporting equipment. If the unsuitable crusher equipment cannot achieve the expected crushing effect, it may be necessary to buy a new one for use, and the investment cost will be higher.

Siedon will recommend the most suitable waste crusher according to your capital budget, taking into account the application that is most suitable for you, and the cooperation of the subsequent processing process after the material is crushed.

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