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Home Appliance Garbage Crushing System


Appliances garbages is one of the fastest growing types of waste in the world, consisting of mobile phones, computers, TV, refrigerator, washing machines, water dispenser, games consoles, routers and more. These wastes contain harmful substances such as heavy metals and their disposal in landfills would seriously damage the environment and take up a lot of unnecessary space, they can be recycled efficiently and protect our environment.

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Appliance Garbage Crushing System

This solution is mainly suitable for the rapid volume reduction treatment of mixed bulky appliance garbages. Its compact and reasonable layout and full sealing structure with negative pressure dust removal design can fully and effectively suppress dust leakage and realize a dust-free working environment; the core equipment is motor-driven double-shaft crusher, the unique shearing method can easily crush any type of large garbage quickly. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, stable performance, and convenient maintenance. Its multiple-sealed structure design can also ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment in harsh environments.

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