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four shaft shredder

Four Shaft Shredder

Four-shaft shredder has an intelligent control system, so that each axis has its own shredding and protection actions to improve shredding frequency and output. In addition, this waste shredder is equipped with a hydraulic and electric motor combined drive system, which not only maintains the advantages of hydraulic and electric drive, the main shaft has large torque and flexibility, and the secondary shaft is efficient and energy-saving. 

  • Every shredding shaft independent working, more efficient
  • Chamber structure optimized to reduce vibration and stress
  • Alloy Shafts are strictly heat-treated for excellent toughness
  • Hexagonal surfaces of shaft are hardened to bear impact
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Technical Data:

Model QS1012QSH1316QSH1618
Knife Thickness/ Mesh Size (mm) 2×45+2×30160(Hydraulic)
Motor Power(kW)30/60/10030/60/100
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)1020×12001300*16201800*1600
Size of Cutting Chamber (AxB)(mm)4600x2880x26404800x2000x35003410x3260x3600
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