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Bulky Waste Disposal System


Bulky waste refers to waste that weighs more than 5 kilograms or has a volume of more than 0.2 cubic meters or a length of more than one meter, and is strong in integrity and needs to be disassembled and reused or processed, including old furniture, waste sofas, mattresses, tables and chairs, etc. Bulk garbage is of low value, occupies a large area, damages the environment, and is easy to cause fires. Siedon introduced a garbage crushing system that can handle bulky garbage.

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Vehicle Dumping & Feeding System

A whole vehicle of bulky garbage is poured into the crusher. The crusher first crushes the bulky garbage into smaller sizes and then selects metal materials through a magnetic separator, and the remaining materials are conveyed by a belt conveyor. The entire production line can be equipped with a professional dust removal system, intelligent monitoring and control protection system for crushers, and finally sent to the terminal disposal site by a cleaning truck or a mobile compression truck, realizing effective volume reduction, reasonable classification, and convenient transfer of large solid waste.

Project Cases