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China shredder, solid waste shredder, industrial waste shredder, kitchen waste shredder Manufacturers, Suppliers, Siedon Technologies Ltd.

Siedon Waste Shredder

Professional Technology

Focus on shredding technologies; CN & GE technologies cooperation.

High Reliability

Brand components; Advanced & mature patented structure designs.

Trustwothy Brand

9 Years of Experience; 200+ successful projects; 2 years long warranty.

about us

Siedon Technologies Ltd

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial shredder and waste disposal equipment in China, with 200+ successful cases built in 10+ countries worldwide.

We are committed to standing out among the manufacturers of solid waste shredder, to help our customers easier to choose a professional and suitable shredder for their waste recycling projects, to meet their requirements of capacity and output size.

Industrial Solution

Siedon offers kinds of industrial waste disposal system for customers. After many tests and adjustments, these industrial shredding systems have been applied to many successful cases.


We offers size reduction equipment and recycling/disposal solutions for different types of solid wastes materials, which will help to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce the space taken up in landfills.